General Maintenance and Safety Tips For Your Home and Office Appliances.

July 8, 2021

📌Call the professionals for repairs
📌Do not overload your appliances I.e washing machine, blenders or any other item
📌Use only the manufacturer’s recommendations.
📌Never put in a microwave, aluminum coated items such as spoons, foils, plates and do not boil water or boil egg in your device.
📌If you notice any gas leakage, hissing sound, foul smell of gas, rust around the pipes of a cooker, please desist from usage and ensure u get a recommended gas regulator for your cylinder.
📌Don’t wait for your appliances to develop faults before you clean, service or pay close attention to them.
📌Ensure you use a stabilizer, power surge, AVS or step-down to protect your appliances.
📌 Do not overload your socket or extension box as it can cause fire outbreak
📌 Always remember to turn off appliances when not available.
📌Never operate and electrical appliance with wet hands or while standing on a wet floor
📌Never fuel your generating set while on
📌keep appliances out of reach- ( children tend to plug them into the sockets)
📌Cover open sockets that are within a kid’s reach. (Most kids tend to stick fingers into the outlet, which may be risky)
📌Buy your appliances from registered dealers.
📌Ensure you have a fire extinguisher around.

Appliances are to make life easier for us, therefore ensure you give them the necessary attention and care so they don’t become a curse

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